《English》To overseas fans,Namie Amuro's 25th anniversary retirement message「<英文>安室奈美恵さんの25周年の引退メッセージ」

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《English》To overseas fans,Namie Amuro's 25th anniversary retirement message「<英文>安室奈美恵さんの25周年の引退メッセージ」

Even now, while receiving a message from fans of Namie Amuro overseas through SNS, “Namie Amuro's last retirement message is only published in Japanese, there is no English translation of retirement message. Namie Amuro really I love you, so please tell me your retirement message in English. "


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Although I am unfamiliar with English, I will describe it in English below.

Namie Amuro's retirement comment full text


Thank you for coming to the concert today. I announced it last year. I will retire on September 16th of this year.

It has been 25 years since I made my debut, and I have experienced various things. And I was able to meet many fans.

Thank you for your continued support. It's thanks to the great staff, the great dancers, and sometimes the great bands, that we can meet our fans once a year at the concert. Thank you very much.

I will not be on stage like this after September 16th. That's why these 25 years have become a very important memory for me.

I am truly grateful to all the fans who made such wonderful memories of me for 25 years, and to everyone who supported me.

Thank you very much.

As a music fan, I sincerely hope that wonderful music will always overflow in your wonderful days.

Please continue to meet lots of wonderful music. Thank you for 25 years.

Finally with a smile. Everyone is fine!Bye bye ~!